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Newsletter June 18th 1642

By June 18, 2020Blog EN


We had the chance to try the new Poseidn, a 3d lotus flower to dilute to make your gin and cucumber & lime tonic !!! A beautiful company from here, we found the idea super fun and easy, it gives a fresh taste to your Gin and tonic🥒

Super simple, you pour 1oz of your favorite gin (on the photo: Canopy of the Mariana Distillery) you put the lotus flower, you stir well to dissolve! Then you fill with 1642 tonic. Ice, and voila!

Ready to serve, the box contains 6 small flowers.

We have a code to highlight their launch: 1642-10 for 10% off. We leave you the link right here: https://fr.poseidn.com/cucumber-gin-tonic/

Lufavores friends, you can now order our tonic water and our ginger beer on Lufa Farms


☀️ 🥩 Summer is here! It’s time to enjoy it. For the occasion, Maturin offers you a 100% local BBQ box. Delivered to your door with their refrigerated delivery service in Montreal, North Shore, South Shore, Montérégie, Eastern Townships, Quebec, Center of Quebec …

👉 To order it is here https://www.maturin.ca/…/offres-s…/boite-bbq-familiale/5570/

Découvrez : 1642 Tonic

Discover 1642 Tonic

Une eau de tonique aux arômes d’épinette et de lime qui lui confèrent une amertume parfaitement dosée avec du quassia. Avec son goût peu sucré, il rehausse votre gin préféré.

Embodies the essence and aromas of spruce & lime, for an enticingly flavourful bitterness without the presence of quinine. Subtly sweet, it raises the bar to become the perfect complement to your gin of choice.