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Our best green cocktails for St. Patrick's Day!

Posted by Bastien Poulain on

Our best green cocktails for St. Patrick's Day

Today, we see life in green!

Ah yes! Today is St. Patrick's Day!

St. Patrick's Day often rhymes with green beer and shots of Irish cream. If you fancy something different (or a little lighter) to enjoy today, then this is your chance! We offer you 3 GREEN cocktails based on 1642 Yuzu that will certainly make a change!

The Basil Smash

Basil Smash 1642 yuzu

An easy-to-make cocktail based on St. Laurent gin and our famous 1642 Yuzu ! The basil gives it a good taste and is reminiscent of one of the herbs in our 1642 Yuzu. So light and fresh that you'll want to make more, that's for sure.

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Cocalero 1642 Yuzu

Cocalero 1642 Yuzu

Cocalero is a grass liqueur that comes from Ireland. It offers (you guessed it!) a good herbaceous taste that resembles mint. With an egg white (or another emulsifier) and our 1642 Yuzu, you will obtain a cocktail with the perfect look to celebrate Saint-Patrick's Day!

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Mocktail Kampaï 1642 Yuzu

This mocktail is fresh and energizing with cucumbers and matcha! If you don't drink alcohol or just want to try something new, this is the perfect cocktail! In addition, its green color is very appropriate for the occasion.

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