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4 inspiring women of the Quebec cocktail scene

Posted by Bastien Poulain on

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On the occasion of International Women's Day, we have decided to raise our glass to 4 inspiring women who stand out in the cocktail industry for their audacity as well as their determination.

Small history lesson
Women and alcohol in Quebec


Until the beginning of the 20th century, alcohol consumption among women was extremely frowned upon, even demonized. In 1921, in a context of vague prohibitionists, the Commission des liqueurs was created. This is the first time that the presence of women in this sphere of consumption has been accepted. They went there to get the bottles for their busy husbands. Until the 1970s, women's consumption remained quite taboo and it was only at the end of this decade that the bartenders were finally given the choice of whether or not to serve women. Finally, it was in 1986 that the exclusion of women in taverns was prohibited!

Source: SAQ

Today, a little over 35 years later (only now!!!), we have the pleasure of meeting the go-getting, determined, and talented women who deserve to be celebrated!

Emmanuelle Ricard (Madame Gin)
An example for lovers of spirits.


Emmanuelle is a lover of gin and all that is good and beautiful. her mission: to introduce the gins (and other distillation products) of Quebec. After working in jewelry and fashion, she launched her jewelry collection and a blog about her favorites. One day, she decided to share her passion for gin in a blog post that quickly became the most popular on her site. It was from this moment that she decided to introduce the excellent products of local distilleries through her fabulous blog ! Her curiosity and love of local products inspires us enormously.

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Rose Simard (1 or 2 Cocktails)
Unconditional fan of the aperitif and follower of the art of tabling.

Rose Simard, 1 or 2 cocktails PHOTO: MARCO CAMPANOZZI, THE PRESS

Rose enjoys quality time with family and friends. Her mission: to inspire people to make cocktails at home and enjoy savoring them in good company. In 2014, after being involved in the field of communications, Rose founded 1 or 2 Cocktails , a site that aims to demystify the world of spirits and the art of cocktails and to bring Quebecers together around a drink. Whether through the creation of video capsules, the writing of blog articles, or the publication of cocktail recipes, Rose manages to inspire us with her artistic eye (all her cocktails are magnificent) and her desire to promote the products of 'here.

Rose is co-author of the best-selling book L'Apéro au Québec (2019) and author of the book Boire le Québec (2021).

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Fanny Gauthier (Workshops & flavors)
Exceptional mixologist and entrepreneur.

Bastien Poulain, Founder of tonics and extenders 1642 and Fanny Gauthier

Fanny is passionate about cocktails. Her mission: to democratize the cocktail in order to make mixology accessible to Mr. and Mrs. Everyone. Sparkling, she knows better than anyone how to convey her passion for cocktails and spirits. These are the qualities that led her to write columns on television and radio and to start her blog: L'envers du bar . After leaving France, with the title of the youngest head bartender in her pocket, she co-founded Ateliers & Saveurs in 2008, the first school in North America to offer cooking classes, cocktails, and wine tastings in the same space! Fanny has always supported our initiatives and local producers . She inspires us with her creativity and her positive impact on the cocktail scene in Quebec.

Fanny is the author of the book Fanny – A cocktail every day (2017).

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Adaina Smyth (Bar Les Cousins)
Bar chef at Bar Les Cousins ​​and passionate about local products.

Adaina Smyth, Bar Les Cousins PHOTO: TASTET

Adaina is a lover of her work and passionate about the art of mixology. Her mission: to make Quebec products known to people here and elsewhere and, by the same token, support the local economy and celebrate local culture. Since 2018, she has been bar chef at Bar Les Cousins , an exemplar in terms of cocktail bars on the South Shore of Montreal. What we particularly appreciate about this place is that it serves even the most classic cocktails with local products. Moreover, there is an impressive collection of more than 100 Quebec gins! Adaina inspires us with her generosity, the importance she attaches to transmitting her knowledge and her talent.

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