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Earth Day: 3 ways to reduce your environmental impact

Posted by Bastien Poulain on

Changing your habits, one gin and tonic at a time!

Earth Day: 3 ways to reduce your environmental footprint

This Friday, we celebrate Earth Day! Now is the time to reflect on your spending habits and take steps to improve them throughout the rest of the year. The goal is not to be perfect the first time, but to set achievable goals that can go the distance and become habits. Here are 3 easy ways to reduce your environmental impact and a few tips for applying them when it comes time to make your favorite cocktail!

Reduce food waste

Food waste is any food intended for human consumption that is lost or discarded throughout the food chain, whether in the field, in transport, during processing, at the grocery store, in restaurants and hotels or even at home. And in our homes in Canada, we are the true champions of North America…

Every week, on average, the equivalent of $20 worth of food is thrown away by Canadian households. Over a year, that's about $1100 or 140kg of wasted food.

The 4 words to remember to reduce food waste at home are: plan, store, prepare and share. Indeed, planning your meals in advance will allow you to reduce the purchase of superfluous foods and to determine the right quantity of ingredients to buy. Subsequently, preserving your food means, yes, ensuring that the food is stored in good conditions, but also not always relying on the “best before” date indicated on certain foods. Consult this sheet for more information.

1642 resealable

Did you know that our bottles are resealable? Indeed, you do not need a bottle opener to open your 1642! You can therefore put the cap back on after use and the product will keep its freshness for another 2-3 days in the refrigerator. You can keep it for up to 5 days, but the product will have lost some of its effervescence. There are also stoppers to close wine bottles that fit very well on 1642 bottles!

Do you not have inspiration to prepare your leftovers in the kitchen? Check out Ricardo's Zero Waste Chronicles . Finally, do not hesitate to share with those around you if you find yourself with too much food… or Gin Tonic!

Buy local

Eating local reduces the distance between food and your plate (or glass), which reduces greenhouse gas emissions related to transport! Less greenhouse gas emissions = less pollution. The logic is the same for any other product on the market! For example, we make great spirits in Quebec! Favoring a Quebec gin made from grain by the bottle over a gin from England, for example, is a good way to reduce your environmental footprint. The same logic is applicable to the Tonic… 😉

1642 local Quebec tonic

To make sure you're supporting local, look for the “Aliments du Québec” or “Aliments prepared in Quebec” logos on the products you put in your grocery cart. Another great way to eat local is to eat foods that are in season. Go for a walk in the market closest to you this summer! You will see that a cocktail with strawberries from Quebec is so much better.

Record your bottles and cans

Did you know that 1642 bottles are returnable ? Take them back to your grocery store the next time you finish your 4-pack! A small action that turns into a habit… and that makes a difference.

In Quebec, when bottles and cans are returned, they are 100% recycled. When you return your container, you reuse the material at its source, you reduce energy waste and polluting emissions. You significantly reduce your ecological footprint. By giving new life to your containers, you participate in the collective effort to improve the environment of the planet.