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The Best Gin & 1642 Ginger Beer Pairings

Posted by Bastien Poulain on

Best Gin & 1642 Ginger Beer Pairings

Which spirit with 1642 Ginger Beer?

First, a few small details. A ginger beer is not a ginger ale . It warms the throat and it tastes like ginger. Despite having the word beer in its name, ginger beer does not contain alcohol! You either love it or you hate it. Us? We absolutely love it . An ounce or two of ginger beer will kickstart your cocktail! It is often recommended to cut ginger beer with an exotic juice: pineapple, peach, mango, apricot. They're all wonderful choices!

Another trick to sweeten the spicy side of ginger beer: Add a little maple syrup!

Best gin & 1642 pairings

Gin please!

At first glance, you might not think ginger beer and gin go well together. We did the testing for you; Conclusion: it's surprising! We advise you to drink it in a cocktail rather than alone with a spirit. The London Mule recipe is perfect for mixing Gin and Ginger Beer. Otherwise, it's perfect in a Dark 'n' Stormy or the famous Moscow Mule!

Here are some “spicy” gin recommendations:

Gin Stadaconé Red
Wabasso Gin Gin St. Laurent Gin Comont
Stadaconé Rouge Wabasso St-Laurent Coment


Rum please!

Well, we know that the article is called the best GIN & 1642 Ginger Beer pairings, but we couldn't miss it... A good spiced rum with a ginger beer is a perfect marriage.

Here are some rum recommendations:

Mitis Distillery Nordic Rum
Sainte Marie Rum Rosemont spiced rum Chic Choc Rum
Mitis Distillery Nordic Rum Sainte Marie Spicy Rosemont Chic Choc Rum


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