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Some ideas for creating spooky cocktails for Halloween

Posted by Bastien Poulain on

- The jelly beans!

Everyone loves candy in the shape of earthworms or little ghosts!
A simple way to spice up your cocktail or mocktail with a touch of Halloween.

I recommend you make a small skewer and lay it on the corner of the glass. It's a change from a slice of lime and it's always fun.

- The terrifying eye that can be eaten!

Photo credit: Marmiton
We often see eyes in cocktails. But how to do it? Here is the very simple recipe:
Ingredients :
- Lychees in syrup
- Black grapes
- Toothpick or wooden skewer

Steps :
- Drain the lychees (keep the syrup to make a lychee-based drink)
- Insert a black grape in the lychee
- Pass the toothpick through the Litchi eye 👁

Here are some more ideas to decorate your cocktails or your home: