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Thyme and Blueberry Gin & Tonic

Posted by Bastien Poulain on

Thyme inspires thoughts of summer... and the heat! Add a handful of blueberries from Lac St-Jean and it's a one-way trip to the edge of a lake to sip your Gin Tonic! A smidge of thyme brings a touch of bitterness that goes perfectly with 1642 Light Tonic. We were very gentle on the sugar to help appreciate the aromas of the Gin even more.


1642 gin recommendation : we went for "London Dry" type gins, which are a bit "dryer" in the mouth and go well with a light sugar tonic. Our choices: Côte des Saints Premium , Comont , Supersonic .
Gin Tonic Light Thyme and Blueberry



  1. Pour the gin into a wide "high ball" type glass
  2. Add 1642 Light Tonic
  3. Add blueberries and thyme.
  4. Mix gently.

Tip: you can also crush the blueberries at the bottom of the glass and add the gin afterwards. :)

Light tonic 1642

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