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The Great Heat

Posted by Bastien Poulain on

A big demanding day, intense heat and a major power outage in the neighborhood, depriving us of any ventilation or air conditioning… it is this situation that inspired the name of this creation!
Super refreshing and made with local products, this cocktail is really easy to make.
The Great Heat
Photo and recipe by Mélanie Boivin



  1. Fill a stemmed glass with crushed ice and add cucumber ribbons.
  2. In a shaker pour in all the ingredients except the 1642 Yuzu 
  3. Shake the shaker for 10-15 seconds and pour the contents into the glass
  4. Top with 1642 Yuzu and garnish with garden strawberries and cucumber ribbons rolled on a skewer

Health!! 🍹

Yuzu 1642

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