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Tonic & Tonic

Posted by Bastien Poulain on

This crazy idea has its origins in after-holiday feelings. I didn't crave alcohol that night, so I tried adding Quebec tonic syrup to regular tonic water. The result is a terrific mocktail, less bitter and easier to drink, which will confuse all lovers of Gin & Tonic.
- Monsieur Cocktail
Photo by Annie Ferland


  • 1642 Tonic
  • 1 oz tonic syrup of your choice (love tonic, Quebec tonic, floral tonic, gym tonic)
  • Citrus zest (to garnish)
  • Ice cubes


  1. Add the syrup to a tall glass without the sparkling tonic water, and fill with ice cubes
  2. Stir with a chopstick or bar spoon until your fingers are cool.
  3. Finish with 1642 Tonic
  4. Decorate with a citrus zest of your choice.


Recipe: Monsieur Cocktail

Tonic 1642

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