Les produits 1642 sont aussi disponibles chez Avril, IGA, Maxi, Metro, Provigo, et Super C

1642 Tonic léger,1642 Bière de gingembre,1642 Tonic, 1642 Tonic Fleur de sureau, 1642 Yuzu

What are 1642 tonics and mixers?

Why 1642?

Main qui verse le 1642 Tonic léger dans un cocktail

A requirement

1642 are quality blenders made from natural ingredients. If all our drinks are sweetened with natural sugars , if we use spring water , if we work with natural flavors it is to offer you the best: products with a unique, refreshing taste and of which each sip is a pleasure guaranteed. 1642 is the guarantee of always offering you products of irreproachable quality . Our manufacturing process is rigorously controlled and pasteurization allows us to guarantee a shelf life of 18 months, without the use of preservatives.

1642 provenance locale

A commitment to buying local


In our case :

Labelink make our labels in Anjou. Thank you Josée St-Jacques!

Our carriers: Expedex Transport Transport Philippe Santerre and Transport Memphré

Our natural flavors from Bell Flavors & Fragrances in Brossard.

Our distributors: Transbroue, Microbec Beers, DMB Distribution Alimentaire Inc. Jacques Lemieux Wholesaler.

Our warehouse in Ville St-Laurent: TSPM

Our boxes: Cascades in Montreal

Our CRM by Amplio in Montreal

Our labels made by Attitude Marketing

Our bottling is done in Montérégie

Graphic design, courtesy of Éric Monette